Simple batch reactor module added

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We’ve put together a simple batch reactor module for testing purposes. This module lets the user see the effects of varying reaction temperature and initial component concentrations on a simple second-order liquid reaction with the form a + b => c. This will serve as the basis of more complex reactive system modules in the future, so watch this space.

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Multi-component flash module added

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We’ve put together a new, interactive separator module that puts you in control of a real, multi-component flash tank. The user can modify the operating pressure, temperature and feed flowrate and immediately see the effects in both the simulation canvas and system diagnostic plots. At the time of writing, the module only supports a single tertiary hydrocarbon system (pentane, hexane,

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Molecular simulation modules added

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A number of interactive molecular simulation modules have recently been added. These are very basic at the moment but are under active development. The first two modules in the series focus on event-driven molecular dynamics and kinetic Monte-Carlo simulation of simple particle/chemical systems.